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Should I Take Indeed Assessments?

Applicant assessment tests for jobs, also known as pre-employment tests, help hiring managers determine whether a candidate has the skills, work style, knowledge or personality to succeed in a job. Companies use assessment tests to make good hiring decisions, often during the early parts of the interview process.

Pre-employment tests are an objective, standardized way of gathering data on candidates during the hiring process. All professionally developed, well-validated pre-employment tests have one thing in common: they are an efficient and reliable means of gaining insights into the capabilities and traits of prospective employees. Assessments typically take 10-20 minutes to complete, but they usually have a disclaimer with estimated completion time before you start.

On average, there are five types of pre-employment tests, these are Cognitive/Aptitude, Personality, Emotional Intelligence, Risk and Skills Test. Depending on the type of test being used, pre-employment assessments can provide relevant information on a job applicant's ability to perform in the workplace.

These tests have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to filter and manage large applicant pools. The internet has made it easier than ever for job-seekers to apply for jobs – one study estimates that, on average, a whopping 250 resumes are submitted for every job opening. Some of the known or commonly used online assessments for job seekers are Indeed, TestGorilla, Landed, CodinGame, and eSkill.  

Should I Take Indeed Assessments?

If you have an Indeed account and you want your job applications to stand out, Indeed assessments can help demonstrate specific skills and the scores will appear on your profile. Indeed has many different assessments in various subjects, and you can take as many assessments as you want since Indeed Assessments are completely free for job seekers.

What are Indeed Skills Tests?

Indeed tests are a group of over 150 short tests that allow you to demonstrate specific skills on the job posting site Indeed. These skill-based tests may be taken either at the behest of a potential employer, or just to showcase specific skills on your profile.

The Indeed Skills Tests are commonly employed to present skills on your Indeed account or as part of the application process for various positions. Undergoing these tests will give your profile a higher ranking on Indeed, which means more potential employers will see it - thus increasing your chances of landing a job.

These assessments span a wide range of job levels, skills and industries, including technology, sales, languages and customer service. Many of the tests include interactive simulations of real-life scenarios. They are a powerful recommendation engine, thus suggest the most suitable test for your role.

Do Employers Look at Indeed Assessments?

Indeed assessment results help employers filter applicants for interviews (similar to the hiring process at Amazon). Some employers compare test results to those of high-performing employees at the company, while others just require a minimum passing score. However, the higher your score, the greater your chances of advancing to the next stage of the hiring process after you demonstrate specific skills they prioritize.  

For those using the tests on their profiles, Indeed’s algorithm pushes profiles with the highest scores to the top of the search engine. This means that recruiters will see your profile before others. In turn, you will get better job opportunities quicker.

How to Locate Assessments?

You can access these assessments through your Indeed resume page.

How Long Does It Take to Complete an Assessment?

While the length of the Assessments varies, most test modules take 10 minutes or less. For example, if an employer has opted to combine two 10-minute test modules, your assessment could take you a total of 20 minutes to complete.

To ensure you have plenty of time, we recommend setting aside 30 minutes so you can focus uninterrupted.

Can you Check Your Assessment Score?

Scores for Assessments that are sent to you by an employer can only be seen by that employer. They cannot share your scores with other employers. Once you complete an assessment, the score will be saved for 6 months. If another employer invites you to take the same assessment, you will be prompted to share your previous results with them, unless the Assessment has been updated since you last took it. If that is the case, you will be able to take the Assessment again.

You may ask now if you are allowed to retake each assessment? Well, as mentioned the assessment score is saved for 6 months, therefore you can retake it one time every six months. So, it is highly recommended to take Indeed tests only when you feel well prepared.

Indeed Assessment Score

Indeed tests have several score categories. The Indeed Assessment score levels from high to low are: Expert, Highly Proficient, Proficient, Familiar, and Completed.

The scores of assessments you have started without completing will be marked as N/A. If you wish to display the score on your profile, go to the “skills tests” on your profile and select tests that evaluate skills listed in the job description in question. We do not recommend showcasing scores unless you are "Highly Proficient" or "Expert".

Limitations of Assessments

Although assessments can display specific skills on your profile, they do have some limitations.

Remember, not all employers use this feature as part of the hiring process, and assessments will not give employers a comprehensive view of your skills or background. However, you should do your best whenever you take an assessment.