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The 10 Most Desirable Attributes Employers will be Looking for in 2023

As we move closer to 2023, employers are starting to get a better idea of what they will be looking for in their employees. The job market is becoming more and more competitive, so companies are beginning to place a greater emphasis on finding the right candidates. In this blog post, we will discuss the 10 most desirable attributes that employers will be looking for over the next few years. Make sure to highlight any of these relevant qualities in order to best market yourself to prospective employers.

  1. Grit: Candidates who demonstrate a level of mental fortitude and determination in their work will be highly sought after by employers. If you can show that you are able to power through challenging tasks or projects, this will be extremely attractive in the eyes of hiring managers. 
  2. ‍Resourcefulness: As the overall market becomes more uncertain, it’s getting harder for employers to approve additional headcount. Therefore, they are increasingly looking for individuals who have the ability to do more with less. Think of an example where you’ve been scrappy or resourceful in a previous role.
  3. ‍Enthusiasm: It’s always good to display how passionate you are about an opportunity when applying for a job. Employers want to make sure that their future employees will be excited and motivated in their role. Showing genuine enthusiasm can go a long way during the hiring process. 
  4. ‍Interview Preparedness: If you show up to an interview unprepared, this can be a huge red flag for employers. They want to make sure that you have done your research and are ready to answer any questions they may have. Hiring managers appreciate candidates who have taken time to prepare for interviews. 
  5. ‍Long-term Commitment: Job-hopping has become increasingly common in recent years. Companies want to know that a potential employee is looking for a long-term home, rather than just another short-term gig. Employers will be excited if you’re able to demonstrate your commitment to the company.
  6. ‍Adaptability: With rapid shifts in market trends and technologies, employers want to make sure they have people on board who are able to adapt quickly. Hiring managers will be looking for candidates who can think on the fly and embrace change.
  7. Interpersonal Skills: Having good interpersonal skills is an essential quality for any job. Being able to communicate effectively with colleagues and customers is highly desirable. Think of an example where you were able to work with different stakeholders to achieve a goal.
  8. Technical Skills: Depending on the role, having a good grasp of technical skills can be extremely attractive to potential employers. This could include anything from coding languages to software development tools. Certifications and licenses for certain skills can also be a differentiator. Think of a Six Sigma Certification or a Forklift Operator License. 
  9. ‍Problem Solving: Employers want to make sure that their employees are able to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions. If you can demonstrate your problem solving skills, this will be an extremely attractive quality.
  10. Self-Motivation: Being proactive is becoming increasingly important in the modern job market. Employers want to make sure that their employees are able to work with minimal supervision and are able to stay motivated in their role.

‍These are just some of the qualities that employers will be looking for over the next few years as they build their teams. If you can demonstrate any or all of these attributes, this will be a huge plus in the eyes of potential employers. Good luck!